Frequently Asked Questions

What is StockTabs?
Simply stated StockTabs keeps tabs on your investments listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV). We provide investors with an easy way to identify new investment opportunities and keep track of important information like private placements, free trading shares, warrant expiry, option expiry and so much more.
Do I have to pay to use StockTabs?
StockTabs is available for free for a limited time, but we may charge in the future for premium features and services.
What is a private placement?
A private placement occurs when a company issues securities from treasury for cash. The securities may be shares, units or convertible securities.
What are free trading shares?
Free trading shares are securities that do not have any restrictions attached to them and investors can buy and sell them in the open market. The term is typically used when a 4 month hold period has just expired or is about to expire and important to keep track of for investors.
Where do you get your data from?
We receive our private placement and some warrant data from reliable Canadian sources and press releases. Our option data and some warrant data is community driven and manually uploaded to our community data.
What is community data?
Community data is uploaded warrant and option expiry information from our StockTabs users and can be found in your MyStockTabs dashboard.
How do I know that data shared by other users is accurate?
All manually uploaded option and warrant data is verified by our StockTabs team before its posted to the community data directory or warrant and option expiry tables.

Still have questions or want to learn more? Please contact us or use the green icon on the right side of your screen.